Aim Of System

  • To receive operative information about the theft
  • To discover the exact location of stolen vehicle
  • To use radio location network coverage and mobile search crew to immediately relocate the stolen vehicle
  • To return the stolen vehicle to its owner

Our system does not track the trajectory of a vehicle while the owner is in control – we are alerted

to the unauthorised use of a vehicle when the car is used without a valid chip. While a vehicle is being

driven by the owner or its authorised person, the system stands in a passive state and a signal is not


Activity Of System

About SHERLOG SecurityCar System


Operating principle

SHERLOG uses a radio locational system (as opposed to GPS / GSM), which is almost impossible to dampen. The system is based on a radar unit and chip. The system block sends an alarm to the Operating centre if the vehicle battery is disconnected, or if it moves and the chip is not present. An important difference from alarms and immobilisers when choosing Sherlog, is that vehicle chain doesn’t brake or lock. There is a battery in the chip, but if it stops functioning, the customer receives a call from the Operational centre with question regarding the presence of the chip. If the presence of this chip is confirmed, it means that the battery has low power, but in practice it holds approximately 1.5 years. The battery is changed once a year.


Our specialised equipment includes a location tower network, 21 search vehicles, 2 planes, an Operational centre that operates 24/7, and a professional search team.

The signal alarm reception

In 90% of cases within the Baltic States, the Operations centre receives an alarm signal, and the client is informed. The rest of the time the customer will inform the Operations Centre that their vehicle has gone missing, then our search team travels to the country indicated. The area of responsibility is geographical Europe – from Lisbon to the Urals. Depending on the time of day, Operational centre adjusts time when calling customer, as it is essential criteria if engine of vehicle is running and/or movement occurs.


SHERLOG SecurityCar systemsare currently deployed in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania as well as in the Russian Federation. Mobile search crews work in these countries and are equipped with powerful radiosearch devices. In other countries, airforces are used to search for the vehicles.

This system is now being introduced to more locations around the European continent in places such as Poland and Belarus as well as a Russian expansioninto the areas of Kaliningrad and St.Petersburg. Since 1992, SHERLOG SecurityCar system has grown to cater to more than 60,000 customers in Europe.

Benefits Of System

Independent, not needed extra infrastructure (GPS,NMT, GSM u.c.) to function

The parts of system are very difficult to discover


Flexible sales policy


Safe, not possible to disconnect with any type of radio disturbance

No analog systems in territory of Latvia

Armed guarding take part in case of theft

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