Questions and answers

What is the difference from the system Comfort Mini Optimum Comfort?

These two systems differ with the output of alarm signal.

Is there a device against theft in the system or just against locating?

The system is designed for searching, the system has no blocking functions.

Does the system has a protection against the parking on a trailer? 

The system has a motion/gravity sensor, so it notifies when vehicle is lifted as well as other movement is indicated.

What is the systems power supply, for example, if the machine is stationary for 1 month and its battery hasn’t been touched?

The system has a battery that is connected to the vehicle’s assets, also the systems battery works autonomously for up to two months. Vehicle battery performance should not be affected by the system and battery charging occurs only when the vehicle’s voltage is above 13V.

Will Sherlog installation affect the car factory warranty?

There are no precedents, but if the factory will refuse a warranty repair because of Sherlog equipment activity, Sherlog takes all the responsibility, including the costs.

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