Pricing of SHERLOG SecurityCar

SHERLOG Mini Basic and SHERLOG Mini Basic PlusSystem installation

€300 and €400

  • +cost of subscription:
  • €200 per year
  • €485 for 3 years
  • and
  • €220 per year
  • €540 for 3 years

SHERLOG Mini System installation


  • +cost of subscription:
  • €25 per month
  • or
  • €250 per year
  • or
  • €625 for 3 years
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SHERLOG Optimum System installation


  • +cost of subscription:
  • €30 per month
  • or
  • €330 per year
  • or
  • €810 for 3 years
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SHERLOG Premium System installation


  • +cost of subscription:
  • €41 per month
  • or
  • €450 per year
  • or
  • €1100 for 3 years
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Subscription cost per year – 10% discount

Subscription cost for 3 years – 25% discount

Area of responsibility

The area of responsibility for all our service types (except Classic and Basic) is geographical Europe (from Lisbon to the Ural Mountains), except countries with higher safety risk. 

Recommended system type with respect to the territory where the vehicle is used

KIA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI, SUBARU brand vehicles-  Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: Basic (substantial – limited liability area), if outside the Baltic, then Basic Plus

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: Mini Comfort or Optimum Comfort

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and wider Europe: Optimum Comfort or Premium Comfort, where the passive unit is mounted with EU frequency

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Europe and the CIS: Premium Comfort, where the passive unit is mounted with RUS frequency.

Insurance conditions

Any of these systems (except for SHERLOG Classic) are accepted and recommended by all the leading insurers. Self risk for cars that have been installed by SHERLOG  system is determined 0%. Some of insurers apply better conditions for KASKO policy to its customers.

SHERLOG system equipment explanation

SHERLOG Classic passive equipment

This system is being installed only in case of specific projects.

Standard search system that is intended for vehicles with lower risk of theft. System is activated only after a message from the owner of a vehicle. The location of stolen vehicle is discovered by our Operative Management Centre or the search crew.

SHERLOG Comfort active equipment

Reaction speed

All of our equipment from the Comfort series is active, where the client has an identification chip.

Identification takes place whenever the vehicle is moving , whether the vehicle engine is running or not. If it is not, a signal is sent to the Operations Centre, and the client is informed. Simulating the situation: if something happened around 2:00 at night, the client would be informed at approximately 2:05 by the Operational Centre. Of course, in other system equipment cases, everything depends on where and when the theft takes place. Often, it is this time is crucial.

SHERLOG Basic and Basic Pluss

Special product KIA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI, SUBARU brand for all models. Functionality is the Sherlog system, which reduces the cost of the component parts, and taking into account the limited monitoring area (excluding the Pluss modification), also subscription costs.

SHERLOG Mini Comfort

Active search system. A significant difference from the standard search system – automatically activated, that allows 90% of cases detected unauthorised activity immediately.

SHERLOG Optimum Comfort

Active search system, based on the Mini Comfort vary with alarm signal output, which allows locating equipment to receive signals over a greater radius. Very significant for vehicles that often operate outside the Baltic countries.

SHERLOG Premium Comfort

Active search system unlike Optimum Comfort Mini and Comfort, Premium Comfort has a double safety system that consists of two blocks in the system, which is additionally mounts the passive unit. Depending on vehicle use areas, the second unit can provide the EU or RUS frequency. Significant for vehicles often operating in the EU or the CIS. 

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