About the equipment

What is SHERLOG?


SHERLOG is a radio signal transmitting device installed in a mobile object (car, tractor, boat, motorcycle or other object) and it allows to determine the location of the object.

How SHERLOG works?

Sherlog is operating on the radiolocation principles.

What are the types of SHERLOG equipment?

There are two types of Sherlog device – passive type and active type.

Passive SHERLOG device – this type of device does not have 24/7 monitoring, the object is on a search only at the customer’s request, when customer discovers that the object is missing.

Active SHERLOG equipment – this type of Sherlog monitoring is online 24/7 by Sherlog operators and reaction on alarm signal is immediately.

Suitable SHERLOG equipment type for Your car depends of the theft risk class, of car value and the movement area. Information about the equipment can be found here: equipment types.

What is the coverage of SHERLOG monitoring?

SHERLOG monitoring is offered with different territory coverage. You can choose coverage territory of the Baltic states, Europe or Europe + CIS countries to the Ural Mountains. Monitoring coverage depends on the type of SHERLOG equipment installed in the car.

How the lost object is searched?

There is antenna network which operates in the Baltic States and receives an alarm signal. If the alarm signal is approved, the SHERLOG security team is sent to the region where the signal is picked up. If necessary, an aircraft with SHERLOG search equipment participates in the search.

Sherlog equipment installation and monitoring in Latvia is performed by the company SIA Rīgas Monitoringa Centrs.