FleetsON GPS monitoring system

FleetsON GPS monitoring system

We are offering GPS monitoring system that helps You to follow your car or any other object. Monitoring is carried out with a smartphone or a personal computer.

Applications for phones are available in Android and IOS versions.

You can download here:

For PC use: https://portal.fleetson.com

GPS monitoring devices are available with a constant connection to the electrical circuit or powered by their own battery which effects the frequency with which the device transmits its location to save its battery for a longer monitoring period.

GPS monitoring devices can be installed on passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, quadricycles, electric scooters, boats, jet skis, agricultural machinery, and other machinery or equipment.

Depending on the object that is going to be monitored the GPS device with an appropriate connection type and appropriate water resistance will be offered.

The type of equipment that is connected to the car’s OBD port can be installed by the customer himself and if necessary, also transferred to another vehicle.

In the Fleetson application it is possible to create various alarm notifications for example: about speeding, entering or leaving a geozone, about disconnecting the battery or discharging the battery, and other alarms. Various reports can be created. It is possible to record maintenance data for your object, so You won’t miss the next maintenance date.

The total cost for monitoring consists of the purchase of GPS monitoring equipment and subscription for the desired period.

Purchase of the monitoring equipment: 150 EUR

Monitoring subscription:

    • 1 month – 10 EUR
    • 1 year – 60 EUR
    • 3 years – 150 EUR